Windows Phone 8 Apollo detailed, will have Windows 8 integration


New details about Windows Phone 8, codenamed Apollo, has surfaced revealing new and exciting details about the company’s upcoming update to Windows Phone. This new update promises several cool new features and one of them being Windows 8 integration!

In a video by Senior VP and Windows Phone Manager Joe Belfiore, we learn about the upcoming Windows Phone 8 features. This video was intended for partners at Nokia but hey, we don’t mind learning of the new features. Here is a breakdown of the upcoming features in Windows Phone 8:

  • Better Hardware Support – Windows Phone 8 will be focused on scale and choice. Not only with the operating system support multicore processors, but it will also support new screen resolutions and removable microSD card storage. The operating system will also support NFC radios and tap-to-share capabilities will also be included.
  • Windows 8 Integration – Windows Phone 8 will also have a tie-in with Windows 8, allowing developers to “reuse most of their code” when porting an app from desktop to the smartphone. There will be heavy overlap between the kernel, networking stacks, security, and multimedia support. There will also be support for a richer version of ActiveSync. There will also be a partner client of Xbox Companion App on Windows 8 and SkyDrive support in Windows Phone 8.
  • Enhanced Application Ecosystem – Microsoft is expecting over 100,000 apps to be the Marketplace by the time Windows Phone 8 is launched. The marketplace will have native code support which means better apps and the ability to port code from apps originally designed for Android/iOS. There will also be support for app-to-app communication as well as a better Skype app and is directly integrated into the operating system. There will also be a Lens app that ties into the camera and OEMs are able to skin the camera interface.
  • Better Data Management – A new feature called DataSmart will reduce and simplify the tracking of data usage by offering a breakdown of data consumption. On top of that, there will be a live tile that displays data usage. Bing Maps will have a Local Scout feature that will enable real-time location of nearby hotspots. Best of all, there will be a 30% deduction in data require to view websites thanks to the operating system’s planned usage of proxy servers.
  • Business Support – Windows Phone 8 is expected to have native BitLocker 128-bit encryption that is normally found on desktop platforms. We will also see Secure Boot capabilities as well as additional Exchange ActiveSync policies and System center configuration settings.

Microsoft is adding a tagline to Windows Phone 8 and is calling it “The New Familiar” and “Windows Re-imagined.”It is obvious that Microsoft is trying to bring Windows Phone 8 up to level with most of the company’s other platforms, including the upcoming Windows 8 desktop operating system. We still have to wait for the minor update called Tango, but Apollo (Windows Phone 8) is expected to be one hell of an update. More on this as it develops.