Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Update finally goes live


Microsoft’s highly anticipated and long awaited update to Windows Phone has finally arrived. Windows Phone 7.5 Mango offers over 500 new features. Start checking for updates on your phone to see if your update is ready!

Microsoft sends out the notification alert over the air to let you know that Mango is available for download, however, the update itself is not downloadable over the air. You will need to plug in your phone to your PC/Mac and download via Zune.

According to Microsoft, the download and install procedure will take roughly one hour.

You can also visit the Where’s my phone update? website to see the status of your particular carrier/manufacturer’s status. “While today’s rollout includes most of our carriers and handsets, we’re not making Mango available to everyone at once. So it could be a few weeks before an update message for Windows Phone 7.5 appears on your phone,” Microsoft stated on the official WP7 blog.

Microsoft has also rolled out the brand new Windows Phone Marketplace for Windows Phone. Using the marketplace, you can browse for apps, read reviews, look at screenshots, and purchase apps. These apps can be sent to your Windows Phone device.

‘Mango’ features an updated user interface with the intentions of “making it easier for the user to launch, to search, to find, to buy and to install” apps. The update will also feature a 25% improvement in memory efficiency and support for deep links into application content. We will also see a feature called Live Agents as well as better multitasking. IE9 will also be making an appearance in the update.

Image credit: Slashgear