Windows Phone 7.5 Mango now available to nearly everyone


Microsoft’s highly anticipated and long awaited update to Windows Phone finally arrived not that long ago. Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, which offers over 500 new features, was not immediately available to everyone, until now.

“While [the initial] rollout includes most of our carriers and handsets, we’re not making Mango available to everyone at once. So it could be a few weeks before an update message for Windows Phone 7.5 appears on your phone,” Microsoft originally stated in September.

Microsoft announced today that the company is making Mango available to “nearly everyone in the currently delivery pool.” Microsoft stated that they had been waiting for three weeks to balance quality with update deployment speed.

Microsoft recommends that you visit the Where’s My Phone Update website to track your update.

After opening the floodgates to the Mango update, Microsoft admits that there are still problems to be addressed. For example, Orange subscribers in Europe are having an issue preventing them from receiving the update at full throttle. “Updates for a few phones are also still undergoing carrier tests. If this applies to you, I want you to know we’ve already prepared to expedite delivery of Windows Phone 7.5 to you once carrier testing is finished,” Microsoft added.

Microsoft also stated that the company would be delivering “model-specific firmware” from handset makers, which will prompt Windows Phone 7.5 users as an update notification. “These updates are designed to activate new Windows Phone 7.5 features or improve your phone’s performance. Not everybody will receive or require one: It all depends on your country, carrier, and phone model,” Microsoft explains.