Windows Insider Program continues to grow, Insiders for Business hits 30K milestone

Arif Bacchus

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Early in 2017, Microsoft launched the Windows Insider Program for Businesses. Otherwise nicknamed as WIP4Biz, the program is aimed at IT Pros and helps them test preview builds in their corporate environments. According to Windows Central, the program has now reached a new milestone, with more than 30,000 organizations participating.

The 30,000 organizations reportedly include small businesses and giant companies, even banks and other tech giants. Additionally, according to the report, over 90,000 people have joined WIP4Biz. This is important for Dona Sarkar, who said implementing the program was easy. “People and organizations who are in the program love the program,” she said.

Dona Sarkar did not provide details about the other standard consumer-facing Windows Insider program, but she said that it has “grown considerably.” In 2017 Microsoft noted the Windows Insider program reached the 10 million mark, so we’re assuming enrollment in the program can only go upwards from here on out.

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