Windows 9 (Threshold): The Charms Bar is back in recent builds, but will it stay?

Zac Bowden

Charms Bar

The Charms Bar! Remember when we revealed that the Charms bar in Windows 9 (Threshold) would be going away for desktop users? Well according to Neowin, the damn feature has returned for one last battle. We originally reported that the Charms bar would be removed for desktop users but stay present for tablet users, and we’re still confident that desktop users will not have a Charms Bar when Threshold rolls around in 2015.

The return of the Charms bar isn’t too shocking if you think about it, considering developers are going to be required to update apps for them to work correctly without the Charms Bar, Microsoft may be ‘temporarily’ re-implementing them just so apps can continue to run as normal in the upcoming public preview. WinBeta can confirm that the Charms Bar has returned in the most recent builds, but our sources say they won’t be staying forever, and will eventually opt to use the title bar within Modern UI apps to contain the Charms options instead.

We’re not entirely sure on the future of the Charms Bar for tablet users however. We’ve heard that internally the team is split as to how the Charms should be handled on devices with touch, should they stay or should they go? They’re not entirely sure.

The return of the Charms Bar is going to enlighten many who believed the Charms Bar was a vital feature within the Windows operating system. Are you happy about the return of the Charms Bar, or would you much rather Microsoft just kill them off already? Leave us your thoughts below!