Windows 8.1 (Windows Blue) build 9369 features SkyDrive integration with a ‘Files’ app


SkyDrive Files Windows Blue

With the leak of a second Windows Blue build (9369), we caught our first glimpse of the new SkyDrive integration with Windows 8. It appears that Windows 8.1 (Windows Blue) will feature a Files app that lets you see your file system as well as your SkyDrive storage.

SkyDrive app, or as it’s now called, the Files app. It allows browsing through the file system and your SkyDrive cloud. This app is practically two apps in one, being both a file system explorer and SkyDrive app. However the app is still rather basic and is no replacement for the File Explorer on the desktop.

Windows Blue is still in active development so things can always change as the build numbers progress. We expect to see a public preview of Windows Blue during Build 2013 this June. We plan on putting up a comprehensive video tour of the new build soon, so stay tuned! Check out the video walkthough of this build here.

SkyDrive Files Windows Blue