Windows 8.1 Update deadline extended to June 10


Windows 8.1 Update deadline extended to June 10

Windows 8.1 Update has been with us for a little while now, and there was a concern from certain quarters when it was revealed that it was a mandatory update. The plans was — and indeed still is — that anyone who does not have their copy of Windows 8.x updated to Windows 8.1 Update will no longer receive further patches and updates. The deadline for upgrading was supposed to be May 13, but this has just been extended to June 10.

This means that consumers now have an extra 30 days to get themselves up to date, but the deadline for business users remains unchanged at August 12. In a blog post, Microsoft says: “While we believe the majority of people have received the update, we recognize that not all have.”

As the blog post points out, users who have Automatic Updates enabled will already have received the update, and so have nothing to worry about. The extension only really affects those people who have opted to manually take care of updates, or people who have not switched on their computer in quite a few weeks.

Microsoft says “we’re confident that within the next month, the majority of the remaining customers who haven’t updated their devices to the Windows 8.1 Update will be able to do so.” But how do you feel? Have you upgraded yet, or are you holding out until the last minute? Maybe you’re just going to skip Windows 8.1 Update completely.