Windows 8.1 RTM to be available August 1st?

Zac Bowden

Windows 8.1 Start Screen

With less than 20 days until Microsoft launches the Windows 8.1 Preview, information regarding the release date for the final version of Windows 8.1 have appeared online. Today, a tweet from Paul Thurrott claims Windows 8.1 will launch on August 1st this year, which means it won’t be long before Windows 8.1 is pushed out to everyone.

Of course, as this information isn’t from official sources, we can only take this as a rumour for now. But Thurrott has sources who are familiar with Microsoft’s plans and has indeed been correct on many rumours in the past. If August 1st is the correct date, it means Microsoft will just have over a month to complete Windows 8.1 after the Preview is released.

In a matter of fact, the Windows 8.1 Preview seems to be rather close to the final version anyway. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks for Microsoft to iron out the rest of the bugs after the Preview is out to the public. So an August 1st release date is very plausible.

We assume Microsoft will talk more about release dates at it’s annual BUILD developer conference later this month. In the meantime, check back at WinBeta for more Windows 8.1 news!