Windows 8.1 Kiosk mode lets you automatically launch an app on login


Windows 8.1 Kiosk mode

Windows 8.1 Pro Preview Build 9374 leaked today and it seemed to be similar to the previous leak of build 9369, except for one big noticeable difference. Build 9374 contains a new feature called Kiosk mode. So what exactly does this feature do?

As you can see from the screenshot above, Kiosk mode is available under the Users setting, in the Lockdown category. Kiosk mode allows for the system to be locked down to a single immersive app. Users can set this app to launch automatically when the system logs on. The operating system can also be locked down to specific features. This feature is not yet fully complete in this build.

Recently, we learned about the possibility of Microsoft creating an option to allow users to bypass the Start Screen and boot directly to the desktop. That rumor also indicated that we would see a boot-to-desktop feature via a ‘Kiosk mode.’ While Microsoft may be working on a boot-to-desktop feature for future builds, as of this new leaked build, it is not present. Nor does the Kiosk mode allow for a boot-to-desktop feature in this leaked build.

You can check out the video highlighting the leaked build here. In the video, you will see how Kiosk mode is set up. Unfortunately, the feature is still buggy and not yet complete.