Windows 8.1 fingerprint login spotted working in leaked development builds

Zac Bowden

It was recently reported that Microsoft was working on the ability to add fingerprint passwords in Windows 8.1. Enthusiasts using the leaked development builds of Windows 8.1 spotted several files related to the fingerprint login system. Today, screenshots of said feature have appeared online, and appear to work in already leaked development builds.

The feature will obviously require a device which would read fingerprints. Windows 8.1 will ask the user to scan their fingerprint 5 times in order to successfully apply the print. Afterwards when logging in, you would have the option to select fingerprint as one of the login options, much like picture password or pin codes which are already available in Windows 8.

It’s good to know that Microsoft are working on an in-house way of adding fingerprints to Windows. Fingerprint login system have been around for years, but have only been achievable via 3rd party applications. Now Microsoft are planning to introduce the feature in the Windows core, it should make it much easier for users with said device to add it to their system.