Windows 8.1 to feature a new Weather app, comes with a larger tile on the Start Screen (video)


Weather app in Windows 8.1

We are ten days until the Build 2013 developer conference, where Microsoft is expected to showcase and release a preview build of Windows 8.1 (formerly known as Windows Blue). However, just recently, we have been seeing leaked screenshots of the new Xbox Music app, the newly redesigned Windows Store app, and now we get to see the new Weather app in action in a video showcasing the app’s new features.

The new Weather app in Windows 8.1 will feature a larger tile on the Start Screen, along with an introductory video that showcases the app’s features and abilities to someone who may not be familiar with the app. The app features a new section called “Get Started” where you can take a tour of the app or add your favorite places to monitor the weather. Currently, it seems that the intro video is exactly the same as the one seen in Windows 8. Perhaps Microsoft will create a new intro video before the release of Windows 8.1, to highlight the new features in the new Weather app.

After you add your favorite places to track, you can see the live tile on your Start Screen. For example, as seen in the video, you can have a Live Tile for the city of New York on your Start Screen, so you can track the city’s weather.

We’ve embedded the video below, which also embodies the tour of the app. Sit back, hit play, and enjoy!