Windows 8.1 app spotlight: Jelly Jump Aliens Defeat, Feed Garfield, and MyTrip


Windows 8.1 app spotlight: Jelly Jump Aliens Defeat, Feed Garfield, and MyTrip

We’ve got three apps for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT for you to check out. Two of these apps are entertaining games while one of the apps will help you plan and create your own trip. 

Feed Garfield is a paid app that runs for $1.49 (free trial available) and features everyone’s favorite fat cat, Garfield. This puzzle app comes with the first five levels free as part of the trial, and if you like it, we highly recommend purchasing the app.

“Another one of Garfield’s awesome adventures is now in a puzzle game! Use your gameplay tactics to feed your favorite hungry fat cat! Feed Garfield is a puzzle game that involves physics and careful planning skills. Help Odie shoot the food into Garfield’s bowl using different tools that will be provided as you play,” the app description reads.

Jelly Jump Aliens Defeat is a cool game – and free –  that involves defending your planet from aliens. Although the gameplay is fun, the screen is constricted rather than being full screen and there is an advertisement at the very bottom of the app. Either way, the app is still worth tying out. Here are the key features of this app:

  • Aliens Invading your Planet, it’s time for Jelly to defeat them!!
  • Tap screen to jump between two planets
  • Avoid and kill the aliens to save your planet
  • Catch as much bonus points as You can to get higher score
  • Rock global high-score rankings
  • You would love it! You will spend many hours playing JJ:Aliens Defeat! 
  • Best Game for all ages, man and woman!

MyTrip, a free app in the Windows Store, is an app designed to assist travelers by giving them extensive information on locations, history, artworks from museums, videos, photos, webcam imagry, destinations near you, and much more in a nice user interface.

You can even use the app to plan your trip, as there are more than 28,000 places to explore. This app is touted as the “definitive trip planner for demanding travelers.” 

Hit the download links below to snag these apps. Let us know if you like them!