Windows 8.1 API’s reveal support for 4K displays and more

Zac Bowden

homescreen 580 75

With the recent leaks of development builds of Windows 8.1, enthusiasts have been digging through its system files to reveal information about the operating system that we are yet to know. Today, a developer by the name of Justin Angel has thrown together a list of all the things he’s found within the leaked builds of Windows 8.1.

API’s found within the leaked Windows 8.1 development builds claim to have support for 4K resolutions displays. We have known for a long time that Microsoft had plans to support higher resolution displays with Windows in the future, so these API’s confirm that Microsoft is working on delivering that promise. The API’s support scaling of 225%, which is much higher than that found in Windows 8.

Other interesting features include the ability to respond to Skype calls directly from the lockscreen. This means you could answer a Skype call without having to unlock your device. You’ll get information about the call displayed directly on the lockscreen too.

Search is also being updated. We’ve known about these changes for a while, but more information has come to light here. Apps will no longer rely on the Search charm, as they could have search capabilities built right into them. This will allow developers to add search boxes in a more convenient spot for users to find.

Windows 8.1 will also support ‘geofencing’. Geofencing is a feature which will allow Windows to open an app when entering or leaving a certain area.

Angel discovered a number of other features, which you can check out in the source link.