Windows 8 virtual hackathon registration now open, starts August 17th


Microsoft is accepting registration for a Windows 8 virtual hackathon that takes place August 17th to August 26th. Developers can submit apps during this time period and either enter as a team or as an individual. Best of all, you can participate from your own home!

“A Windows 8 hackathon will take place this month, but instead of being in one physical location, we are making it virtual, so that anyone, anywhere, can take part in it. It’s an online event, so you can code from the comfort of your home. App submissions will be accepted from August 17 – 26,” Microsoft stated in a blog post. Those who enter can join a team and interact with each other using Skype or Trello. As of right now, only three app categories have been announced with more coming soon. So far, we have utility apps, lifestyle apps, and edutainment apps. Hackathon winners will be given prizes that have yet to be revealed. Head over to the source link for the registration and details on how to get started!