Windows 8 Release Preview coming May 31st?

Zac Bowden

It looks like the Windows 8 Release Preview could be launching tomorrow! According to a leaked blog post from Microsoft, the company is planning to launch the Release Preview on May 31st, a whole day before it was actually rumoured for release! The Release Preview is the last preview before official launch.

According to an accidently published blog post from none other than Microsoft themselves, the Windows 8 Release Preview is launching on May 31st, aka tomorrow! The blog post was published, then removed minutes after going live. The blog post, written by Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Windows Development Chuck Chan, mentions that the Release Preview was “made available today” and on top of that, the blog post was dated May 31st. According to Neowin, the blog post is accurate, and download links will go live tomorrow. It will also launch with a new Visual Studio preview, exciting stuff!

So, it appears Microsoft is ending May with a bang, so what will June bring? We expect to see some exciting things from the company over the next month, so stay tuned!