Windows 8 Protogon filesystem gone, replaced by ReFS

Zac Bowden

In recent leaked builds of Windows 8, users managed to find a new filesystem titled Protogon. The filesystem was since removed in the developer preview. Now, a new report is stating that the Protogon filesystem has been replaced by ReFS.

Found by WinUnleaked, the ReFS file system is set to replace the mysterious Protogon file system, found in leaked builds of Windows 8.

It is not clear on whether this is a completely new Filesystem, or just Protogon renamed.

To format a partition with Protogon, you would have had to use many DOS commands, since the option was not available in Disk manager.

With the new ReFS filesyste, you can format and use the partition from disk manager, with the format option.

The strange thing about this is, Windows 8 cannot be installed on a ReFS partition, which makes us wonder why the file system type has been created. What will it be used for?

Microsoft is hard at work on Windows 8, with a beta expected soon, Microsoft is finishing up the core features, which were not present in the Developer Build.