Windows 8 M3 Build 7959 Leaked


Yet another leak in the Windows 8 arena. This time, we get to see a Milestone 3 Build 7959 of Windows 8. Unlike the recent two builds that were leaked, 7850 and 7955, this new leaked build is 64bit and a server version of the operating system.

The build string is: 7959.fbl_srv_wdacxml.110307-1930 and is a Milestone 3 build. You can find it on torrent sites and various other FTP file sharing sites.

As we reported during the leak of 7955, there was talk about an x64 build being leaked in the near future. In the screenshot above, we see that this build has PowerShell and Server Manager clearly showing on the task bar indicating that it is a server operating system. This new build is still very buggy and is reported to have Aero-Lite as an option.

It is unknown what the activation process is for this build. Previously, all builds of Windows 8 had a universal key that allowed for unlimited activation. As of now, all new builds are required to use unique key which is exclusive to an employee of Microsoft or a verified tester. This may become a problem for activating leaked future builds.

Microsoft has remained tight lipped about its upcoming flagship operating system, Windows 8. We have seen numerous leaked screenshots and details that slowly reveal Microsoft’s hard work on Windows 8. Stay tuned as we keep you updated on any new Windows 8 news.