Windows 8 to have better multi-monitor support, starting with the Release Preview


In a blog post by Microsoft, which has been taken offline for some reason, details Microsoft’s plans for multi-monitor support in Windows 8, more notably, the changes that will be seen in the upcoming Release Preview of Windows 8.

Since connecting a second monitor pretty much doubles your work space and increases the ability to multitask, we need an operating system that supports this type of multi-monitor setup. According to feedback Microsoft has received, 14% of desktop PCs and 5% of laptop PCs have run with multiple monitors. With that in mind, Microsoft has worked hard to ensure the desktop is a more personal experience, especially when changing the desktop wallpaper on multi-monitors. A single panoramic picture can now be opened across multiple monitors and a new panoramic theme will be available for use. Microsoft also wants to improve the efficiency of accessing apps across monitors, especially taskbar efficiency. The taskbar can now display all taskbar buttons on both monitors, or just the open programs on each monitor. Microsoft is also working on improving the efficiency of accessing the Start screen and Charms bar on any monitor. “In the upcoming Release Preview, we are making all the corners and edges alive on all monitors. You can now bring up Start, the charms, and app switching from the corners of any monitor.” Microsft adds. On top of all this, Microsoft wants to make it easier to access Metro style and desktop apps side-by-side. The Release Preview is nearing, so get your multi-monitor setup ready!