Windows 8 China edition confirmed by Microsoft employee?

Zac Bowden

We recently had a glimpse at a possible new SKU in Windows 8 titled China edition, it was suggested that this SKU was to be sold in China only. Today, Microsoft’s corporate vice president, and original equipment manufacturer Steve Guggenheimer has confirmed in a report that Windows 8 China edition is indeed real.

Steve Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President and Original Equipment Manufacturer at Micrsoft has today confirmed that Microsoft is planning to launch a Chinese version of Windows 8 to the Chinese market. Currently, there is no definite pricing on the product.

“I and OEM manufacturers are to talk about the pricing for Windows 8, OEMs appeared very excited, but now is not the time for talking about products and pricing, we are more concerned about the OEM equipment innovative.”

Guggenheimer is responsible for OEMs in their production of devices, such as laptops or mobile phones. Guggenheimer also manages OEMs with pre-installed Windows operating systems.

Now that an official Microsoft employee has confirmed the China edition of Windows 8, could it be long before other editions of Windows 8 are revealed?