Windows 8: Build 8047 and More


As Microsoft continues to keep quiet, we learn more and more about the company’s next operating system via leaked information and screenshots. We talked about Windows 8 Build 8042 last week. Let’s see what the latest build is now and go over an interesting idea for Windows 8’s installation process.

The latest internal build as of this post is 8047.0.110714-1905. This is a Milestone 3 build and was compiled on July 14th.

We all know that in this day and age, many consumers don’t care for a nicely packaged software box containing a CD/DVD. Instead, people want to download their software quickly and easily from an app store. Here is what I propose; available from an ‘App store’ would be the Windows Setup executable that simply validates the install location, key, and finally streams the setup files directly from a web service. Finally, why stop there, it should allow users to save the downloaded files for offline installation, or creating their own install media.

When you think about it, being able to download and install Windows 8 directly from the web is the most logical idea. It allows for more control by the user and an easier and cheaper distribution method. Plus, the consumer’s license won’t be tied to a volatile and the prone-to-error DVD media. Instead, just fire up the web installer for the latest most up to date bits. The desktop PC is over 30 years old; this seems like a basic function for the era of the online operating system.

Microsoft, go ahead and take note. Linux already does this. Even OSX Lion’s update is web-based only. It’s time Windows entered the modern era and have a web-based installer as an option for those who desire it. It only makes sense.

We already know that Windows 8 will feature a new user interface for tablet devices. This has been coming along nicely. As different branches with different feature sets are being worked on, the updated code will eventually be merged into one winmain build.

We are still expecting a public beta to be released during the BUILD developer conference, which takes place September 13th to 16th.

As a reminder, 8047 is an internal build. It has not leaked. If you happen to see 8047 or even 8042 on torrents or “private ftps”, dont waste your time. You are most likely downloading a malicious file. The latest leaked build as of this post is still 7989.

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