Windows 11 receives a major upgrade with version 23H2 features

Priya Walia

woman working windows 11

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Microsoft recently announced the biggest upgrade to Windows 11 since its launch. The version 23H2 update, set to be released next month, promises significant improvements to the operating system.

However, for those who can’t wait, the company has introduced a Cumulative Update Preview of Windows 11 Version 22H2 (KB5031455), allowing non-Insiders early access to the new features.

The KB5031455 update includes all of the highly anticipated Moment 4 features, such as the Copilot and the new System Components section in Settings. It also comes with a plethora of bug fixes to enhance the overall user experience.

From the Start menu and taskbar to the new Settings home page, revamped File Explorer, and accessibility options, the improvements are far-reaching.

Excitingly, the update also introduces a new backup appa and several customization options for Dynamic Lighting OEMs, enabling new levels of personalization for users. Furthermore, the KB5031455 update addresses various issues affecting fontdrvhost.exe, ctfmon.exe, and TextInputHost.exe, ensuring a smoother user experience.

For those using Dynamic Lighting, the default provider issue when setting it up using Unattend files is now rectified. Similarly, Windows Firewall Profile is enhanced to accurately detect domain-authenticated networks instead of incorrectly identifying them as public domains.

Outlook users will also benefit from this update as it resolves an issue causing the application to stop responding when printing to an Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) printer with slow response times. Additionally, it resolves errors related to printing with v4 print drivers and corrects naming discrepancies in cellular settings, ensuring accurate mobile operator information.

The update brings improvements behind the scenes as well. External connections through Kubernetes load balanced services and synchronization issues with Firewall configuration service providers have been addressed.

Moreover, it resolves stop errors occurring after a Push-button reset and enhances PowerShell functionality for scripts running in Constrained Language Mode.

Lastly, users will appreciate the fix for the Automatically Hide the Taskbar setting and the overall performance boost of the search box experience. The update also ensures that robocopy functions properly, without any issues related to the /efsraw switch.

While the official release of version 23H2 is still a few weeks away, the KB5031455 update offers a sneak peek into the exciting enhancements that await users. So, keep an eye out for the patch next month and get ready to upgrade your Windows 11 experience.