Windows 11 hits a big milestone as it is now ready for broad deployment

Arif Bacchus

Windows 11 just hit a huge milestone. As listed on the Windows Health Dashboard, the latest Microsoft operating system has now been designated as ready for broad deployment. This means that everyone that has a Windows 10 PC that meets minimum requirements should be seeing Windows 11 as a download in Windows Update (via Neowin.)

Even though broad deployment status has been reached, it doesn’t mean Windows 11 will be forced on you. The operating system is still an optional upgrade for Windows 10 in Windows Update, and you can still stay on Windows 10, 21H2 if you desire (Windows 10 is supported through 2025.) Additionally, your PC will still need to fit with Microsoft’s compatible processors and TPM requirements to download Windows 11, and not have any safeguard blocks. The only one of those blocks right now relates to an Intel SST driver.

It’s been a big journey for Microsoft to get to broad deployment. Windows 11 originally launched back in October of 2021, with much controversy. Yet, features like Snap Assist, the new Start Menu, as well as support for running Android apps have gotten people and many enthusiasts to update. The promise of features like File Explorer Tabs, as well as visual and UI updates to the Windows inbox apps, also attempt to sway people to the new operating system.

As for popularity, Microsoft does not share Windows 11 usage numbers directly and combines them with Windows 10. Last reported back in January, Microsoft said that Windows now powers 1.4 billion monthly active devices. Monthly AdDuplex reports offer additional insight into the popularity of the new OS.