Windows 11 hits 21% share on Steam, suggesting growth for the new OS

Kevin Okemwa

windows 11 desktop

Valve Corporation just made their June release, which provides insight revolving around computer hardware and software that their customers are using to access Steam. And as per June’s report, Windows 11 is currently at 21.23% of the market share up from May’s 19.59%. AdDuplex’s June report indicated that Windows 11 was running on 23.1% of surveyed PCs, up from the 19.7% last recorded in April. This is a clear indication that more people are gradually transitioning to the OS.

Windows 10’s market share on the other hand has declined by 2.63% moving it down to 71.26%. However, it still remains at the top of the chain as the most popular choice for users on Steam.

Here’s a snippet of Steam’s June report:

Valve June Report

Based on the report, Windows accounts for 96.37% of the market share while macOS takes up 2.45%, and finally Linux which takes up 1.18%. Remember, that this report is based on data collected from those that participated in the monthly survey, therefore, this information might be slightly different from the actual figures.