Windows 11 Dev Channel gets a new build – 25276 comes with Task Manager, Settings improvements

Kip Kniskern

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Microsoft has just released Windows 11 Insider build 25276 to the Dev Channel. This build does come with ISOs, so if you want to clean install you can get them from Microsoft. Included in this build are a couple of significant changes.

First up is an addition to the Task Manager: starting in 25276 you’ll be able to create live kernal memory dumps:

We are introducing a set of new developer-focused features in Task Manager to aid the collection of live kernel memory dumps (LKDs). This is in addition to the existing “Memory dump” for user mode processes. The goal of kernel live dump is to gather data to troubleshoot an abnormal situation but allow the OS to continue operation. This reduces downtime when compared to a bug check for “non-fatal” but high-impact failures and hangs. Click here for more info on live kernel dumps.

To capture a live kernel memory dump (LKD), go to the Details page in Task Manager, right-click on the System process and the context menu should light up to show “Create live kernel memory dump file” to capture a Full live kernel or Kernel stack memory dumps.

You’ll be able to configure these live memory dumps from the Task Manager Settings page. As usual, this feature is rolling out, so you may not see it right away.

The changes to Cloud Storage reporting in the Settings app that Microsoft first announced with Windows 11 Insider build 25247, and the way Microsoft calculates cloud storage, continue to roll out to as yet a small number of Insiders.

Another significant feature of Windows 11 build 25276 for the Dev Channel is that the Network Troubleshooter, long a staple of Windows Settings, is going away in favor of a new Get Help based Get Connected experience:

Getting disconnected from the internet hurts productivity at work and relaxation at home. To help you get back online we’re replacing the Network Troubleshooter in the OS with a modern Get Help based experience. With new APIs that diagnose problems and offer specific recommendations to get online, the app targets the 30 most common connectivity issues. To use the new experience, you will need Get Help app version 10.2208.2551.0 or greater.

As we told you about earlier today, the Microsoft Store is beginning to feature previews of the Apple TV and Apple Music apps. And along with these new features, there’s an assortment of fixes, changes, and known issues coming with 25276. Be sure to check out the Windows Insider blog post for all the details.