Windows 10X may power IoT devices according to Microsoft job posting

Kareem Anderson

Despite the operating system being unveiled seemingly as a placeholder to showcase hardware scheduled for release in late 2020, Microsoft seems bullish on the proliferation of its next-gen OS, Windows 10X, and is already looking to expand its presence beyond the desktop and mobile screen use.

Based on a LinkedIn job listing originally spotted by the folks over at Windows Latest, it appears Microsoft is looking to staff up engineers and developers to work on bringing Windows 10X to the Internet of Things (IoT).

As a Software Engineer II, Microsoft is looking for someone who will “help define and engineer Azure services to manage and monitor millions of IoT devices”, as well “help build components targeting special-purpose Windows devices into variety of market segments such as industrial, retail, governmental, transportations, manufacturing and enterprise spaces.”

While much of the job description reads as pretty standard fare for IoT software engineers, Microsoft does end the “responsibilities” section with, “You will build the next generation IoT operating system based on Windows 10X.”

The job listing doesn’t go into much other detail, but presumably, anyone who lands the gig will get first-hand knowledge on how Windows 10X, the long-rumored Windows Core OS and current Windows 10 for IoT will all either interact or coalesce into more streamlined processes in the future.

Microsoft has gone on record planning to release at least one flagship Surface device (Neo) with Windows 10X in late 2020 but it seems fair to assume the company will leak, hint at or outright unveil Windows 10X earlier in 2020.