The Windows 10 Windows Store gets a spec bump in latest update

Kareem Anderson

The Windows Store for Windows 10 devices has been updated today. Per tradition, the update comes changelog-less and without any discernible differences from its previous version. The lack of details or visual flair lends us to believe it’s a system update looking to possibly address bug and performance issues.

The new update does bump the version number up for the app, to version 2016.29.13.0. While there appears to be a lack of features coming with the update, performance and bug fixing upgrades are always welcomed.

As of now, the Windows team has its hands full addressing other comments and concerns regarding issues with the Store. Developers are currently asking about changes to in—app purchasing while customers are discussing the search algorithm within the Store app bringing up irrelevant information.

Perhaps today’s update is laying more ground for the Windows team to address these concerns in the near future. Head over to your Windows Store apps and check for the latest update, and remember that the Windows Store app will close once it’s been updated. Please add any observations you may have noticed about the app in the comment sections below.

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