Windows 10: Windows Phone apps start showing up within the Windows Store

Zac Bowden

Windows 10

With the recent leak of Windows 10 build 9901, many new things are being uncovered which Microsoft are yet to announce. One thing which has not been seen yet is Windows Phone apps running on Windows 10. Well, the new Store app within build 9901 seems to be listing Windows Phone apps, which could point towards the ability to run them on the desktop.

Not all Windows Phone apps are listed, but some are. AngelWZR on Twitter found HTC’s “Make More Space” app which is for HTC Windows Phones only. Could this be the start of Windows Phone apps running on the desktop?

Windows 10

As you can see from the screenshot above, on the left is the Windows Phone listing for the app, and on the right is the listing within the desktop Windows Store. Trying to install the app results in an error, which is understandable. Hopefully the listing of Windows Phone apps in the Windows 10 desktop Store is a sign that soon, Windows Phone apps will run on the desktop, and not just a bug which is causing the Store to list wrong apps.