Windows 10 is used by over 34% of Steam gamers

Laurent Giret

It’s been 6 months since Microsoft released Windows 10, and more and more PC gamers are upgrading their PC to Microsoft’s latest OS. According to Steam’s latest numbers, 34.05% of gamers on the platform are now running Windows 10 on their PC, that’s one point of percentage higher than what we reported last month.

Steam January 2016 stats

Windows 7 is still the most popular gaming OS as it’s currently powering 42.07% machines, compared to 42,58% in December. Windows 8.1 is still behind both 7 and 10 editions with a combined usage share of 14,43%, while the no-longer-supported Windows 8 went down to 2.06%.

The Windows XP dinosaur is still beating Windows 8 with 2.31% of old-school users running it, and it’s actually the only Windows version after 10 that has a growing usage share (+0.16%) .

While Microsoft has started releasing AAA games on the Windows 10 Store, we’ll keep following Windows 10 progress on Steam, as it’s still the most popular PC gaming platform. But we’re also waiting for the first games that will finally make use of new Windows 10 features like DirectX12, hopefully we’ll see some of them being released this year.