Windows 10 Twitter app gains a variety of design and feature improvements

Brad Stephenson


The latest release notes for the Twitter progressive web app have been published which details all of the changes that have gone live on the web version and the official Twitter Windows 10 app over the past month or so.

Among the more noteworthy changes are improvements to screen reading and the tweet composer and some refinements to the UI in regards to direct messages, hidden replies, and profiles.

Here’s the full notes:


  • Accessibility: Screen readers will no longer read out Tweet engagement counts twice when navigating between the Tweet stats bar and the actions bar.
  • Composer: We’ve reduced the height of the Tweet composer to align it more closely with the expected size of Tweets.
  • DM Reactions: We’ve updated the look and feel of the DM Reaction summary, which now uses a more compact popover appearance on desktop.
  • Hidden Replies: We will no longer show the education popup for replies that are hidden by the author.
  • Profile Screen: We will no longer show a prompt when you update your profile name to include regular ASCII punctuation marks.


  • Composer: Fixed an issue where clicking on images in a Quote Tweet in the composer would cause you to lose your quoted Tweet.
  • DMs: Lengthy account bios will no longer overflow within the profile header in one-on-one DM conversations.
  • DMs: Fixed an issue in DMs on mobile clients where video playback would pause on its own.
  • Events: Score cards will no longer be truncated when displayed in the compact format.
  • Moments: When deleting the last Moment in an existing list, you will now be shown a proper empty state screen.
  • Popovers: Fixed scenarios where very short window sizes would cause popovers like the emoji picker and account switcher to be partially offscreen.
  • Popovers: Larger font size settings will no longer cause content to overflow for profile hover cards.
  • Profiles: Popover cards for accounts which have been suspended will no longer show an empty card, and will instead tell you the account has been suspended.
  • Profile Screen: The Tweet notification button will now show on profile screens even when you have push notifications disabled for your browser, allowing you to subscribe to notifications for a specific user.
  • Settings: The pivot allowing you to add a new phone number will now display in Settings when you have no phone number set.
  • Tabs: Improved reliability of scrolling and snapping behavior when clicking on scrollable tabs.
  • Tweets: Fixed an issue where Retweets of Tweets with a public interest interstitial were not showing the tombstone.
  • Tweets: Tweets with carousel cards will no longer overflow their container on the home timeline.
  • Video: The replay button will now properly display when a video on the Events page has completed playback.
  • Video: Opening a video fullscreen will no longer cause playback to pause, and the timeline scroll position to jump to the top.

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Developer: Twitter Inc.
Price: Free