Windows 10 Twitter app Fenice updates with new features, comes to Xbox One

Brad Stephenson

Fenice for Twitter Windows 10 App

The third-party Windows 10 Twitter app, Fenice for Twitter, has had its code completely rewritten from scratch and now features a fresh look, some new functionality, and support for Microsoft’s Xbox One video game console.

The updated version of the app, Version 4, has begun to rollout slowly to a small number Windows 10 PC users with everyone on that platform expected to get it within the next few days. After the PC version has finished being distributed, the app will then begin launching on Xbox One and updating on mobile.

Among some of the biggest changes are a new customizable home screen, popup user info boxes, quick actions under tweets, new tabs/pages for new tweets (i.e. multitasking), in-window DM composing, mute filters, customizable accent colors, OneDrive backup, support for more languages, and a new seven-day free trial for new users.

A you a fan of Fenice and would you recommend it to others? Let us know in the comments below.

Fenice for Twitter 4
Fenice for Twitter 4
Developer: Winuser
Price: Free