Windows 10 rumored to have a fourth Redstone update in the works

Kit McDonald

Microsoft seems to be continuing the tradition of relating their big releases to the codename Redstone even up to the fourth nearly a year and a half away.

Earlier this year, we saw the Windows 10 Anniversary Update release across all devices. Originally, it had been called Redstone. Since then, we have been eagerly digging for more information about the next rumored Redstone 2 update. Now that we’ve seen what’s coming in what has officially been titled the Creators Update, enthusiasts have turned their sights forward to wonder what’s next.

Windows Central writer Zac Bowden wrote that the tech giant wouldn’t stop the tradition at Redstone 3, but hasRedstone 4 already in the works and slotted for early 2018. This follows the trend that Microsoft has put forward with only two large updates per year to satisfy the needs of their growing consumer base while smaller updates maintain and improve minute tasks.

We can’t say for certain of the accuracy of the continued Redstone codename, but it wouldn’t be surprising. After all, why fix something that isn’t broken?