Windows 10 reportedly installed on close to 100 million devices

Kareem Anderson

Windows 10 Home Screen
Expectedly, the free Windows 10 upgrade for consumers has done wonders for Microsoft’s install numbers. In a little under 48 hours after Microsoft released Windows 10 to users, the company had tallied 14 million installs of Windows 10 globally. Since July, Microsoft has kept the press abreast of how well Windows 10 is being received by the greater public, posting incremental install numbers of 18 million two weeks in, 50 million half a month later and most recently, 75 million just over a month out.
As of today, there are murmurs of Windows 10 installs reaching upwards of 100 million installs. Thanks to our own internal sources, we can confirm that Microsoft reached the 81 million mark as of Friday. However, there is new information that has led many to believe that Microsoft may have surpassed that number. According to sources from Neowin, Microsoft could be closer to the 100 million install milestone.
While the speculation continues to swirl, Microsoft has kept a tight lip on recent install numbers. During its presence at IFA last week, Microsoft was surprisingly sparse with details to OEMS and partners about more recent Windows 10 install numbers.
More often than not, the truth lies somewhere between fact and fiction, and Windows 10 install numbers are probably somewhere in between both. Regardless of the actual number, Microsoft should be proud of the reception Windows 10 is receiving by the public as a whole.