New Windows 10 Redstone build 11103 has leaked onto the web

Zac Bowden


If you’re an Insider who must be using the latest available build, it appears build 11103 has now leaked for desktops. This build is only 1 newer than 11102, and features no new changes over the previous build, the leak is also homebrew, meaning the original ISO has been modified so it is recommended you stay away if that’s something of a concern to you.

The leak is in en-US and is in the usual x64 variant, so x86 PC’s will not be able to enjoy this leak. For those wondering, the leak originates from WZor, known for leaking builds in the past. As per usual, we will not be linking to any leaks, especially those which have been modified. Download and use at your own risk, etc.

The build string for those wondering: 10.0.11103.1000.rs1_release.160116-0014

Microsoft is still working on OneCore improvements so features will be scarce for a little while longer before we start seeing new features compiled into the main Redstone branch. Until then however, what are you hoping to see in the next Insider drops? Let us know in the comments below!