Windows 10 Reddit client Readit snags another feature update

Kareem Anderson

Readit for Windows 10

Readit is quickly becoming the go-to Reddit client for many Windows 10 users. Readit first launched on Windows Phone with a sleek and intuitive interface for consuming, participating in and posting content to Reddit. When Microsoft officially launched Windows 10 back in July, the Readit developers (Message Across Studios) placed a second version of the app in the Windows Store. Not quite a Universal app, the Windows 10 Readit client had departed the look and feel of the Windows Phone version for a dense content interface with a Windows 10 inspired design.
Recently, the Readit client went full Windows Universal App, unifying the look, feel and customizations on both mobile and PC. Today, the app gains another update, adding some small UI changes as well as the traditional bug fixes and optimizations that come with most updates.
Version includes:

  • Desktop has been brought up to date will all bug fixes and minor changes. None of the mobile-specific changes will really apply though.
  • This update brings the live tile data to the desktop/tablet version
  • You should no longer lose accounts/settings
  • New album viewer


  • Conversation view for message conversations is now optimized for mobile
  • The send button for conversations has been moved to the appbar for mobile
  • The refresh button for the inbox has been moved to the appbar for mobile
  • Added an appbar to profiles for adding/removing friends and refreshing data
  • “Auto-hide menu” setting is now hidden for mobile due to it not being applicable


  • The refresh buttons for inbox and profiles now actually works (they never did apparently)
  • Add/remove friends from profiles
  • Fixed backwards navigation to a subreddit not updating the sidebar
  • Fixed settings not saving

Composing messages and whatnot will be coming in the next update for all platforms.
The developers have been very active in bringing the app to both PCs and mobile, sometimes posting updates as often as twice a week. Readit is arguably one of the best Reddit clients on Windows or any other platform right now.
Grab the new update here.

Price: Free