Windows 10 reaches the 1 billion monthly active users mark

Dave W. Shanahan

Windows 10 Logo Generic Featured Image Hero

At Build 2015, Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Windows and Devices chief, announced that Windows 10 would be installed on 1 billion devices by 2018. It’s taken a little longer, but Windows 10 is finally available on 1 billion devices. As noted in a post on the Windows Experience Blog, one out of every seven people on Earth is using a Windows 10 device to get their work done. In addition, Microsoft claims that 100% of Fortune 500 companies use Windows 10.

By celebrating the fact that Windows 10 is finally on 1 billion devices, Microsoft looked back at all the Windows 10 devices that helped propel the operating system where it is today. Microsoft forward to the next big milestone for Windows 10 with new upcoming devices including the Surface Neo. Windows 10 is also responsible for the next iteration in Xbox consoles with the Xbox Series X, with new details on the latest console from Microsoft revealed today.

Surface Neo

Microsoft made its own category of Windows 10 devices with the Surface Pro, Surface Book, and Surface Hub 2S. Microsoft hopes to continue its innovation with upcoming devices such as the Surface Neo and Surface Duo, two new dual-screen devices that will run Windows 10X. Windows 10X is a new version of Windows 10 geared for use with dual-screen devices. Microsoft hopes to expand Windows 10 to help power some of its other

“Freedom of choice has always mattered to us—because we know it matters to you. Windows 10 is the only operating system at the heart of over 80,000 models and configurations of different laptops and 2-in-1s from over 1,000 different manufacturers. Reaching a billion people with Windows 10 is just the beginning. We will invest in Windows not only within Windows 10 for PCs but also across many other Windows editions, serving diverse customer needs including Windows IoT, Windows 10 Teams edition for Surface Hub, Windows Server, Windows Mixed Reality on HoloLens, Windows 10 in S mode, Windows 10X and more.”

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