Windows 10 Photos App revamp: Microsoft swaps native Video Editor for Clipchamp

Priya Walia

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The tech giant is at it again, bringing changes and retiring its resident applications.

Last week, Microsoft initiated the rollout of an updated Photos app on Windows, complete with extensive editing tools, a sleek modern design, and an unexpected change: a switch from the well-recognized built-in Video Editor to the web-based Clipchamp.

For fast and simple editing, we’ve added Clipchamp to the Microsoft family. The Clipchamp video editor empowers anyone to tell stories worth sharing.

As users try to access the features of the old video editing app, they are greeted by a pop-up message stating: “Microsoft Video Editor is no longer available in the Photos app,” Windows Latest reported.

The statement elaborates that former video projects could be accessed by downloading the Photos Legacy app in Settings. For any fresh videos, Clipchamp takes center stage.

The Photos Legacy app, a predecessor to the modern Photos app, is fortunately available for download from the Microsoft Store. Therefore, users who prefer the traditional Video Editor aren’t left entirely in the dark—for now, at least.

However, it’s reasonable to presume that these are the ged stages for the old Video Editor and Photos app as more emphasis starts being placed on modern versions of the software. Users will inevitably need to transition to newer versions at some point.

The Photos Legacy app, it should be noted, is not the original Windows 10 Photos app—it was created specifically for Windows 11. Any attempts to install the original or Windows 10’s Photos app are now futile, seeing that it’s not possible anymore.

To sum things up, Microsoft brought several alterations to the software table last week. Time will tell if these moves prove advantageous for user experience or serve as a setback. This transition marks yet another step in the ever-evolving world of technology. You can learn more about Microsoft’s Clipchamp at

Via Windows Latest