Windows 10 for phones to feature “Mixview” exploding live tiles on Start Screen

Zac Bowden

Windows Phone

It’s been pretty quiet on the Windows Phone front regarding Windows 10, with a Consumer Preview just around the corner it looks like the first details regarding what phone users can expect are starting to appear. Todat, Windows Central is reporting that “Mixview”, a feature which was supposed to arrive with the Lumia McLaren device will make an appearance on phones running Windows 10.

The report claims that “Mixview” is a 3D UI that allows live-tiles to expand and explode with smaller live tiles and information. It’s unclear whether this feature will be available for all devices running Windows 10 for phones, or if it’ll only be available for certain hardware which supports it.

We recently revealed that Microsoft had started issuing builds of Windows 10 for phones to partners, and that the builds were actually branded as “Windows Phone 10” rather than “Windows 10 for phones” or just “Windows 10”. The builds which partners are being issued are pretty empty right now, as only recently the NT version jumped from 8.15 to 10.0 to match the Windows 10 kernel change found in build 9888.

Still, with a consumer-orientated unveiling planned for late January, it’s only a matter of time before we get to see what Microsoft has up their sleeves regarding phones. WinBeta understands that both Start Screens running on Windows 10 tablets and Windows 10 phones will share similar features and user-interfaces, meaning “Mixview” may also make its way to tablets.

A few months ago, we talked about Windows 10 and how the Modern UI would see interactive live tiles appear on the Start Screen. Since we unveiled those plans, things went quiet on the Modern UI front. It’s entirely possible that those ‘interactive live tiles’ have morphed into Mixview, and since Windows 10 tablets and Windows 10 phones are set to share the same functions, this seems plausible.