Windows 10 for phones: A closer look at the new Outlook Mail and Calendar apps

Zac Bowden

Windows 10

Windows 10 for phones build 10051 includes a number of new Windows apps which are universal, meaning they run across both phone and PC. What this also means is that they share a common user interface, we’ve already seen it running on the desktop, so now it’s time to see it running on the small form factor.

Starting off with the Outlook Mail app, this app is out to replace the current inbuilt mail app found in Windows Phone 8.1. It uses that familiar blue highlight found in the Outlook 2013 application. The UI is excellent, very modern and very clean. You can easily swipe emails to delete them or flag them, and the hamburger menu gives you access to additional folders and functions. Creating an email also now allows for rich formatting meaning you can easily make your emails look professional and pretty.

Windows 10

The hamburger menu is also where you’ll find a shortcut to the Outlook Calendar app. Sporting a very similar UI to that of the Outlook Mail app, using the same blue highlight color. The app allows you to scroll through the days, the top being your typical calendar view and below being a list of days. Of course, you can also create a new event which too sports this new updated UI.

These apps are just a small taste as to what you can expect Windows 10 for phones to look like when it RTMs later this year. The UI evolves heavily around how these new apps look, so for the Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar apps to look this good this early, there’s nowhere to go but up.