Windows 10 for phones: A closer look at the new Messaging and Phone apps (video)

Zac Bowden

Windows 10 for phones

Earlier today, Microsoft released the Windows 10 SDK for developers, which includes an emulator build of Windows 10 for phones. This emulator build is build 10030, something newer than what Insiders currently have to play with on their phones. Still, the new build available in the emulator includes a number of additional changes which are new to build 10030, including an improved Phone app and new Messaging app.

We have a hands on video of the build available below, which goes over the two new apps highlighted in this post. The updated Phone app now includes an improved dialer, which is larger. One of the biggest bits of feedback in build 9941 was the size of the dialer, it was too small for many. Microsoft has now adjusted the size thanks to your feedback. The Phone app overall is a lot cleaner in this build too.

The Messaging app is now universal, and is sporting that new UI found in the majority of other universal apps across Windows 10 PC and phone. Microsoft is yet to drop this new version of Messaging to Insiders, so it’s good to finally see it in recent builds, as it means Insiders should get their hands on it pretty soon.

This build doesn’t include much else, there’s a new universal blocking calls app, and Settings includes a couple new options such as backing up your Start layout, but apart from that this build is pretty lackluster, at least in the emulator. No word just yet on when Microsoft plan on pushing a new Insider build, hopefully we’ll get something new this week.