Windows 10 is now used by almost 33% of Steam gamers

Mark Coppock

Windows 10 recently passed the 200 million installation threshold, which we reported last week and Microsoft finally confirmed today. According to Steam, Microsoft’s strategic new OS is increasingly popular among gamers, as well.

Last month, just under 30% (specifically, 29%) of Steam users were running Windows 10. In December 2015, that number jumped roughly three percentage points to 32.46%. Windows 7’s lead is narrowing, down to 42.58% although still firmly in the #1 spot.

Windows 10 Steam Share December 2015
Windows 10’s share of Steam users, December 2015.

Windows 8.X fell to 17.69% on the month, compared to 19.24% in November. Windows XP, which should be completely out to pasture by now, stood at just over 2% for December.

Windows 10 continues its upwards trend, gaining popularity among gamers and the population at large. Microsoft’s goal of a billion Windows 10 users is looking entirely attainable, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the vital OS’s progress.