Windows 10 news recap: Codename Redstone, build 10056 leaked, and more


Windows 10 news recap: Codename Redstone, build 10056 leaked, and more

Another exciting week of Microsoft news has come and gone. Chances are you likely missed an important story on Windows 10. Let’s take a moment to rewind and see what took place this past week in a feature we like to call “Windows 10 news recap.”

At the beginning of this week, we learned about codename Redstone. Redstone is the codename for the next big update to Windows 10, targeted for a release in 2016. You can read more about that here. Redstone is expected to be delivered during Patch Tuesday and will provide new functionality and support for new classes of devices that aren’t already part of Windows 10.

Windows 10 build 10049 received two new hotfixes this past week, fixing the Hyper-V and Outlook issues. Build 10049 is the latest official build available via the Windows Insider Program.

If you want to know how to make Project Spartan your default web browser in Windows 10 Technical Preview, head over here to see how. 

Windows 10 build 10056 leaked onto the internet, after we were teased with leaked screenshots the day prior. Windows 10 build 10056 features an updated user interface and tweaks all across the operating system. There are also new improvements to the build, such as a revamped News, Weather, Finance, and Sports app. The start menu is finally resizable again and there are some new icons! You can check out our hands-on video of the build below.

In the latest build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview (build 10049), the Store (Beta) can now surface music, movies, and TV shows alongside apps and games. With a combined Store, users will now be able to search and browse through Videos and Music (formerly only possible on the Xbox Videos and Music apps), as well as rent or purchase related content. For those with subscriptions to either Microsoft Music or Videos, your collections can also be viewed through the new Preview apps for both. 

Stay tuned for yet another exciting week of Windows 10 news!