Windows 10 news recap: Anniversary Update bug annoys users, Redstone 2 and 3 coming in 2017 and more

Jack Wilkinson

Welcome back to our weekly “Windows 10 news recap” series where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s latest operating system. Let’s get started.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update causing freezing issues for many users

Since the launch of the Anniversary Update for Windows 10, users have been taking to Reddit to express their frustrations at a bug that is causing their PCs to freeze. No solution has been found that fixes the issue for all users, nor has Microsoft responded to the issue so far.

Microsoft: Windows 10 Redstone 2 and Redstone 3 slated for 2017

Microsoft has just released Redstone 1 for Windows 10, known officially as the Anniversary Update, now the company has said it plans to release 2 major updates to Windows 10 in 2017, known only as Redstone 2 and 3. Redstone 2 is expected to be focused on its mobile offerings, Windows 10 Mobile.

Developers continue to focus on Android and iOS even as Windows 10 gains traction

Microsoft has attempted again-and-again to get developers working with its products and Windows Store offerings, however, it hasn’t faced much success, if any. The latest move is its Universal Windows Platform architecture – develop an app for one device, it works across all of them. Unfortunately, it appears not many developers see Microsoft’s vision for a unified app ecosystem, as developers continue to support Android and iOS as a majority.

Old Microsoft Account credentials vulnerability remains in Windows 10

An old vulnerability that can leak Microsoft Account credentials is prevalent in Windows 10, although, the same vulnerability is available in other versions of Windows, such as Windows 8.1.

Customatic aims to deliver advanced personalization on Windows 10, looking for funding via Kickstarter

There are already a few options to customise Windows 10, such as changing the accent colour, setting lock screen and desktop backgrounds, however, some people want to go further. Customatic aims to deliver enhanced customisability in Windows 10 and it is looking for funding on Kickstarter.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK available, Windows Store open for developer submissions

With the launch of the Anniversary Update for Windows 10, developers can now submit apps to the store that make use of the new features included in the update. The SDK for the update is also available to download.

Adblock Plus Edge extension goes live for all Windows 10 Anniversary Update users

Tired of seeing ads? The Adblock Plus extension for Microsoft Edge is now available for all users who have upgraded to the Anniversary Update on Windows 10.

Almost 45% of Steam users are on Windows 10 according to latest hardware survey

As the usage of Windows 10 continues to grow, Steam’s latest hardware survey shows that around 45% of Steam users are now using Windows 10 for gaming on Valve’s platform.

Windows 10 now on over 21% of all desktops, says NetMarketShare

Coupled with the increase in gamers using Windows 10 on Steam, the general usage of Windows 10 overall is also increasing, with Windows 10 now being on over 21% of all desktop PCs, according to NetMarketShare.

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