Windows 10 Mobile’s Action Center gets some much needed love with build 14322

Kit McDonald

Just today, Microsoft announced the release of Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 14322 in the Fast ring. Along with the list of updates and new features, the build brings a some quality of life improvements to the Action Center.


Thankfully, there won’t be so many notifications spamming the Action Center anymore. Notifications will be grouped automatically now underneath the app’s icon and header, cleaning up the pop-ups significantly.  As if that wasn’t enough to make users lives simpler, Microsoft took inspiration from the flexible layouts of Live Tiles for the Action Center. Images will display in the notification larger than they used to and when there is content that is bigger than the image size, it will display a ‘hero image.’

Notifications and Quick Action Settings

Settings have been added to let the user manage prioritization of which apps are most important. By going to Settings > System > Notifications & Actions, the user can set each app’s notifications on a scale of three levels: Normal, High, or Top. Not only that but users are now able to limit the amount of notifications that are visible in the Action Center. The default is set to three, however if an app has more notifications than it is allowed, the user can just click on the header to expand the list of notifications.

Also in the Notifications & Actions settings, users are now able to add, remove, and rearrange the Quick Actions by dragging and dropping the actions in the grid.

Cortana Notifications

Even Cortana got a minor update with some much-needed insights to make sure that the user doesn’t forget anything important. Her adjusted notifications will perform more accurately to keep the user up to date on important events and scheduled meetings.

The Action Center is one of the most utilized features of the Windows 10, and now it’s gotten even better for users to customize and navigate. Don’t forget to check out our video exploring the new build.