Windows 10 Mobile Windows phones get a rare OS update as they enter the endgame

Brad Stephenson

Lumia 950 running Windows 10 Mobile in Tokyo, Japan

Windows phones running the Windows 10 Mobile operating system received an update today that brought the OS up to build 15254.575.

This latest update fixes an issue with the BitLocker encryption recovery mode and increases security for when using the Microsoft Edge browser and Microsoft Office and when connecting wirelessly to other devices and services.

Here’s the release notes:

This update includes quality improvements. Key changes include:

  • Addresses an issue that may cause BitLocker to go into recovery mode if BitLocker is being provisioned at the same time as updates are being installed.
  • Security updates to Windows Wireless Networking, Windows Server, Microsoft Scripting Engine, Windows Storage and Filesystems, Microsoft Graphics Component, Internet Explorer, Windows Input and Composition, Windows Virtualization, Windows App Platform and Frameworks, Windows Fundamentals, Windows Kernel, Microsoft Edge, and Windows Cryptography.

If you installed earlier updates, only the new fixes contained in this package will be downloaded and installed on your device.

The official release notes web page makes a point to remind users that the Windows 10 Mobile platform will no longer be supported from December 10th this year, after which no more security or feature updates will be provided.

The end of support for Windows phones has been no secret, however, and most users will have moved on to an iPhone or Android smartphone by now. Those who haven’t are highly encouraged to find a replacement device before the end of the year.

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