Windows 10 Mobile news recap: market share, Surface Phone, and more



The holidays are finally upon us and things have drastically slowed down in terms of Microsoft news. However, important tidbits of Windows 10 Mobile news surfaced over the past few days. Let’s take a look back at the most important Windows 10 Mobile stories during the week of December 20th to December 26th in a special feature we like to call “Windows 10 Mobile news recap.”
According to AdDuplex, Windows 10 Mobile is running on nearly 9 percent of Windows Phone devices. That number would probably be higher if the damn thing rolled out to existing Windows Phone handsets already. For those wondering when Windows 10 Mobile will arrive on your Windows Phone handset, Microsoft says it will take place “early next year” to select existing Windows Phone devices. You can read all about that here. You can always just opt into the Windows Insider program to get the latest builds, if you phone qualifies.
A Microsoft list was revealed this past week indicating which Windows Phone devices would get the update to Windows 10 Mobile and in what order. Apparently, Windows 10 Mobile will release in three batches, and as expected some devices won’t get Windows 10 Mobile at all. It’s also possible that some of the devices on the “never” list mean that Microsoft won’t be providing the update and that it’s up to the manufacturer. You can check out the list here.
More renders of the rumored Lumia 650 have hit the internet, this time courtesy of Windows Central and their unofficial render showing off the metal trim and upscale design.
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To cap off this great year for Microsoft and the Lumia team, a new #LumiaTrials Challenge series has been launched. If you are already an owner of the Lumia 950 or 950XL, be sure to follow @LumiaUS  for all updates on this challenge. Through January 1st, Lumia US will post nine challenges ranging from Start Screen setups to photo challenges, showcasing the power of Windows 10 Mobile and the Lumia line of phones.
Microsoft also promises “more traction” when it comes to Windows 10 app momentum. According to the Redmond giant, it takes “a while” after you get the platform out there to work with the developers to get the momentum going. Read this story here.
Microsoft also dropped hints of a Surface Phone this past week. After talking about the success of the Surface line, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer Chris Capossela said we need a “spiritual equivalent on the phone side.” New Windows 10 Mobile builds are expected in January so get your phones ready, Insiders!
New Windows 10 Mobile builds are expected in January so get your phones ready, Insiders! Stay tuned for another exciting week of Windows 10 Mobile news. Have a Happy New Year!