Windows 10 Mobile may soon let you associate apps with certain websites

Michael Cottuli

The Windows 10 Anniversary update is fast approaching, and while most of the work being done right now seems to be tweaks and fixes, Microsoft is still throwing in a few new features for us to sink our collective teeth into. The folks at Onetile have been able to dig up a neat feature from one of the Anniversary Update internal builds, and it’s something that Windows 10 Mobile users might get a kick out of.

Associate apps with websites

If the screenshot is to be believed, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is going to be bringing users the option to open up certain links using apps instead of Microsoft Edge. Essentially, this means that opening up links to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can give you access to the corresponding app in lieu of the often-inferior browser version. It seems like this option is going to have users opt-in, however, so if there are certain apps that you want to use the browser version for, that’s still very much an option.

There’s no way of knowing for sure if this is going to be coming to Windows 10 Mobile with the new update – it might be delayed or dropped altogether for any number of internal reasons – but if it makes it to us anytime soon, users may get plenty of enjoyment out of it.