Windows 10 Mobile Maps app now uses Bluetooth audio in latest Insiders update

Arif Bacchus

Windows Maps Windows 10 Mobile

Users of Windows Maps on Windows 10 Mobile might be familiar with the fact that the app depends on a car’s phone audio channel for navigation, sometimes causing a delay in audio and low-quality sound. Well, Microsoft has listened to complaints and has updated the app for Windows Insiders to handle audio via Bluetooth, for a much more crystal clear experience (thanks Marc for the tip!)

Windows Maps updated for Insiders with new Bluetooth options!
by u/Dave_MSFT in windowsphone

As detailed on Reddit, the changes are delivered in a version 5.1706 app update. You should be seeing this update in the Windows Store now if you’re a Windows Insider. Given the fact that these features are known to roll out to the wider audience after Windows Insider testing, it should also be rolling out to everyone else pretty soon. For now, if you’re a Windows Insider, go ahead and update your app (if you have not done so already!) to try out the new feature. And, if you’re not already using this app, you can still find it via the link below.

Windows Maps
Windows Maps
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