Windows 10 Mobile Maps app gets Live Tile option

Mark Coppock

The Windows 10 Maps app keeps coming along, adding new features to bring it closer to parity with the HERE Maps app that Windows Phone relied on, along with the industry giant, Google Maps. Microsoft clearly wants to keep it updated and that’s exactly what happened today.

As usual, there’s no changelog, so we’re not entirely sure about everything that’s changed. We can confirm that there’s a new Settings toggle to turn the Live Tile on and off, for those odd folks who would rather have a static tile on their Start screens.

Windows 10 Mobile Maps Live Tile Toggle
Windows 10 Mobile Maps Live Tile toggle.

The Live Tile will cycle through a few options available with the app, such as directions, traffic, see where you parked your car and more.  Tapping on any of these options will simply open the app. If this bothers you, just disable the Live Tile with the new setting! The app also features the usual performance and bug fixes. Let us know in the comments if you’re seeing anything new.

Windows Maps
Windows Maps
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