Windows 10 Mobile Camera app adds lenses

Brad Stephenson


The Camera app for Windows 10 Mobile has been updated and now supports lenses for those budding photographers that really like to experiment with their photos. Lenses are basically camera settings that can be imported from other apps with a camera function which may take photos on the same hardware but will process them with different color or light settings.
The new lenses options can be accessed via the Camera app’s option icon (aka the three dots in the upper-right corner) in Windows 10 Mobile. Naturally, Windows 10 hasn’t been publicly launched on Windows Phone devices yet so this only applies to those that have signed up for the advance operating system preview via the Insider program. This new Camera app that will be coming with Windows 10 Mobile doesn’t even exist on current Windows Phones yet as the default Camera app was removed with the recent Denim update and replaced with the Lumia Camera app (which happens to already have lens options).
Are lens options something that you use on your mobile device or is that something best left to the advanced photographer? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.