Windows 10 Mobile build 15025 introduces full-color updated emoji in Microsoft Edge

Michael Cottuli

While Microsoft Edge’s previous emojis – the black, colorless shapes that replaced their bright and well-recognized counterparts – were nice looking in their own right, they certainly weren’t respected as “emojis.” With emojis having become an accepted part of the SMS and IM dictionary over the past couple of years, Microsoft has recognized that the community can no longer accept substitutes.

With the latest update to Windows 10 received by Windows Insiders, Microsoft Edge’s replacement for emojis has been wiped away and replaced with something much more familiar. Build 15025 makes Microsoft Edge look quite a bit better – at least to those who are frequent emoji users.

The black emoji substitutes utilized by Edge up until now have gotten their share of flack. The replacement of these with more colorful and modern looking substitutes goes a long way to please fans, and make Microsoft seem a bit more with the times. It’s also worth noting that, with the new set of emojis, Windows 10 Insiders will enjoy a few cheeky references to NinjaCat – the Insider mascot.